1. Cut out the stencil and use a sharpie to transfer the outlines onto the thermoplast.
  2. Find a pot or a pan that will hold sheet of thermoplast that will turn into your catchersthumb and your mom will let you use.
  3. Fill it with about 2-3 inches of water.
  4. Heat the water but don’t let it boil.
  5. Put the thermoplast into the pot/pan.
  6. Use a fork to keep it under water but from sticking to the bottom or the walls (the fork will still be usable afterwards).
  7. Wait until the thermoplas loses it’s rigidity. This will occur after about 30-40 seconds. Wait another 5-10 seconds.
  8. Use the fork to take it out of the pot/pan, but avoid using your hands. It will be hot! When you place it on the counter, make sure it’s flat.
  9. Wait until it has cooled off enough for you to handle it without burning yourself.
  10. Use sissors to cut along the lines. This should be easier than cutting paper and as long as you avoid sharp edges, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  11. Take the thermoplast and place your thumb on the opposite side of the narrow part so it will cover your whole thumb and slide an inch inwards. (check the stencil to see the exact location, it is marked on there)
  12. Wrap the thermoplast around your thumb and mold it to your liking. Make sure the top goes all the way to the tip of the thumb. Don’t melt layers together! You can strech it a little bit without a problem.
  13. Hold it with your other hand until it starts hardening. You can put it under cold water to speed up the process
  14. Try it on with your glove and find out where you need to trim excess material and reshape it a bit.
  15. To do that, just place the spot you want to remodel in hot water again. After a short time it will turn soft again and you can start shaping and cutting again. You can tell it’s ready to mold when it starts turning transparent.
  16. Return to step 13 until you like your Catcher’s thumb protector.

In case you messed up: put the whole thing in hot water again and start over.